UPDATE on the progress of T&D Metal Products’ plant 3 that was made possible in part by revolving loans from Iroquois County & the City of Watseka. The plant is up and running on phase 1 production. They are currently fabricating 4 different styles of steel Gun Cabinets that are starting to go out to the market. The first large box store orders to Mills Farm & Fleet were shipped in July. The next large quantity orders will go out in September to Menards! The plant is still in the ‘ramp up’ stage, and there are a number of additional pieces of equipment to be added and additional hiring to be done as volume continues to grow, but they have already created 11 new jobs. It should be noted that the quality cabinets T&D is building have been well received by their customers. – Another great success story for a major Iroquois County employer. —