Room to breathe.

Iroquois County is the third largest county in Illinois, and is 35 miles long and 32 miles wide, containing 1,120 square miles. Iroquois County is bounded on the north by the county of Kankakee, on the east by the State of Indiana, on the south by Vermilion and Ford Counties, and on the west by Ford County. The county seat is located a few miles east of the center of the county in Watseka, Illinois.

The communities in Iroquois County are known for their lovely residential areas and peaceful country living. With an abundance of rich farmland, there is a unique blend of rural-based attitudes and professionalism that makes Iroquois County a great place to be.

Iroquois County is ideally located with short drives from Champaign, Bloomington, Lafayette, Danville, Chicago, Peoria, and Indianapolis.

The county is 60 miles south of Chicago, and 30 miles north of Champaign-Urbana with easy access to several good highways. Illinois 1 & US 24 meet and cross at Watseka, and Interstate 57 crosses north/south through Iroquois County as well.

US Census Bureau figures show the county with a total area of 1,118 square miles (2,896 km), of which, 1,116 square miles (2,892 km) of it is land and 2 square miles (4 km) of it (0.14%) is water.

Good people, ready to work.

Iroquois County has a large contingent of ready and able workers with a good old fashioned rural-based work ethic. In recent years, takeovers and foreign sourcing cost Iroquois County a few key employers. Many of the county’s displaced workers were forced to travel some distance to find suitable employment. The Iroquois Economic Development Association, with the help of some other progressive groups, is successfully reversing this trend, and most of these honest, hard-working residents are more than ready to come home to work.


Iroquois County is the best balance between city access and country living.

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